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100 day party
Z. Oh, this party was pretty cool, but I and My friends were only in official part. I come home at 5 o’clock in the morning and what do you think about this party? M. Oh, this party was not bad but I was only in official part too and after this I with my class-mates went to the garden and celebrated this wonderful festival very well.

13 anglų kalbos rašinių rinkinys
13 rašinių anglų kalba. About languages (apie kalbas). The European Union (apie Europos Sąjungą). About myself (apie save). Mass media in Lithuania (apie žiniasklaidą). Education and school (švietimas mokykloje). My favorite dish (mano mėgstamiausias patiekalas). Hobbies and leisure time (hobis ir laisvalaikis). My flat (mano butas). Holidays in Lithuanian (atostogos Lietuvoje). Smoking is an unhealthy habit (apie rūkymą). Places (lankytinos vietos). Shopping (apsipirkinėjimas). NATO. Klausiamieji žodeliai. Pagalbiniai žodeliai.

33 Anglų kalbos rašinių rinkinys
33 rašiniai anglų kalba. Personal identification. Services. House and home. Flora. Fauna. Television. Museums of Kaunas. Travelling. Traffic. NATO. Social affairs. Education in Great Britain and Lithuania. The School. "Saule" gymnasium. Food & drink. Smoking. Weather forecasts. Seasons of the year. Foreign languages. Charity. Shopping. Littering. Crimes. Lithuania. Elections. Sports in Great Britain. Traveling. Free time. Health. National parks in Lithuania. Relations. The European Union. My flat.

A Blue Christmas
It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Wilson, an elderly woman, was sitting in her rocking chair, listening to Christmas carols on her radio. This was a family tradition that went on for many, many years. Christmas just wasn't Christmas in the Wilson household without listening to carols on the radio. "Oh my!" she sighed. "I'm so lonely. I wish my son, Paul were here to share Christmas with me!" Mrs. Wilson lived alone in a small apartment. This particular Christmas was very rough on her. Normally, Christmas was spent with Paul, his wife Nelly, and their son Johnny. However, this could not happen this Christmas. Paul had lost his wife and son in a car accident earlier that fall. It was a very difficult time for Mrs. Wilson, but especially for Paul. Oh how he had loved his wife and child! A few days ago, Mrs. Wilson had called her son to ask him to join her for Christmas. "Ma, I can't," Paul had told her. "I miss them so terribly. I keep expecting them to show up at the doorstep." "Oh Paul," cried Mrs. Wilson. "I know this is difficult for you, but do you honestly think that you should be alone at a time like this." "I don't know," said Paul. "Right now, yeah, I do think that being alone is the answer." "Well dear," she replied sadly. "If you change your mind, I'll be here." "Thanks Ma," said Paul. "And, Ma, Merry Christmas." "Merry Christmas to you too, son," said Mrs. Wilson. The radio program was just finishing up for the night. Mrs. Wilson, yawning, got up and turned it off. "The radio program just wasn't the same this year," she sighed as she went into her bedroom. "It's just not the same without Paul, Nelly and Johnny. I sure wish Paul would change his mind." Later that night, she was awakened by a strange sound coming from her living room. Quickly, she grabbed her house coat and went to see what was going on. There, standing by the Christmas tree, with his arms full of presents, was Paul. "Oh Paul!" cried Mrs. Wilson. "I'm so glad to see you." She embraced her son as tightly as she could. "I just got to thinking that maybe being alone wasn't the right thing," said Paul. "After all, aren't we supposed to spend Christmas with family." "Yes, dear, we are," said Mrs. Wilson, happily. "I'm so glad you came." "You know," said Paul. "I'm glad I did too." "Can I get you something to eat, Paul?" asked Mrs. Wilson. "I have some apple pie and ice-cream." "Now that sounds good," said Paul. "Come to think of it, I'm starved." Mrs. Wilson dished Paul out a heaping dish full of homemade apple pie and a huge serving of vanilla ice-cream.

A Mock Date
Then I’m thinking about that crazy day now, everything looks so funny, but then I felt really especially. The day started as always and my mood was quite sad. I wanted something new, something different, something adventurous. And God listened to my prayers. When I was slowly walking to school I met my old friend Jack, who suggested me going to the cinema in the evening. I thought that it would be an interesting event in my boring routine, so I applied quickly. After that invitation I felt like in the 7th heaven, because I had admired Jack since we met the first time. I was smiling from ear to ear and during all lessons because I thought only about amazing evening, which we were going to have. Also, I told about my happiness to my best friend, who gave me a special advice what to wear and which make-up would look best on me. I was so in a dither, I wanted to make a good impression and couldn’t wait until school ends. When I heard the last bell ringing I felt like I had wings and could fly. I quickly went home to prepare myself for my very first date. First, at home mother suggested eating something hot and stodgy, but I rejected this clever proposal, because I though, that I had no time for that. I looked over my wardrobe, but I couldn’t find anything fit for this occasion. My outfit was old and outworn. Then I looked over my sister’s wardrobe and found a wonderful skirt, which looked stunningly on me. After this dress-rehearsal I put on some make-up and brushed my long black hair. At last I was ready to meet him. In the cinema’s lounge Jack was standing and waiting for me, when I finally arrived with an old slow bus. But when I came up to him, two other girls joined us. At first I couldn’t understand what was happening. But then he said: “Great to see You here, one moment and there will come two my friends!” I was wonder-struck. “Which one of three of us is really with him?” But I stayed in silence. I thought that those were the longest minutes in my life. All was forgotten when I saw them coming. Tommy and Bill were coming slowly, but proudly. They were dressed by latest fashion and looked beautiful. Then I thought: ”What is the difference – Jack or those two?” And until now I and Tommy are together. Maybe it looks like paradox, but it is life – you never know what to expect.

About Lithuania
Some facts: Official name - The Republic of Lithuania Highest body of power - Supreme Council System - Parliamentary republic Capital - Vilnius Borders: with Latvia - 610 km with Byelorussia - 724 km with Poland - 110 km with Russia (Kaliningrad region) - 303 km sea border (Baltic Sea) - 99 km

About myself
I was the first child in the family. Our family is not very big, I have a sister. When I was a child I can't say that I was a good boy. My parents always want me to be a good man, and now I'm very thankful for that. At that time I did not understand that my parents wanted good for me, and I made my mother worry about me very often. I remember about my childhood a lot of things. I know that I met my first friends in kindergarten No.109. I remember the games which we played (my favourite was football). I remember my first girl-friend and the first love (it was about 11 years ago). In 1983 I started school No.22. I was good at all subjects. I liked to go to school. Now my achievements have decreased. My school life is changed too. In school I have a lot of friends, I like my class. I have a hobby. I like photograph. I take and do photos myself. I like this work, because it is very interesting to do that. When I’m doing the photos I always listen to music. Music it's something wonderful. Now I want to say a few words about the future. I'm going to take entrance examinations and the enter university. I would like to study book-keeping or banks ruling.

About people and trips
Charles Spencer Chaplin was the comedian, the greatest film comic in the history of mankind. The actor was born in 1889 in the London East End. Sydney was his brother, fuor years older than Charles. Chaplin’s parents were actors. Two children adored their mother for her blue eyes and long light brown hair. Littlle Charlie cuoldn’t remember his father. Mother told him that he was a very good artist. But the trouble was he drank too much.

Acid rain
Acid rain is a serious problem with disastrous effects. Each day this serious problem increases, many people believe that this issue is too small to deal with right now this issue should be met head on and solved before it is too late. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the impact has on the wildlife and how our atmosphere is being destroyed by acid rain. CAUSES Acid rain is a cancer eating into the face of Eastern Canada and the North Eastern United States. In Canada, the main sulphuric acid sources are non©ferrous smelters and power generation.

AD’s impact to creation of woman's image
Looking at advertisement s today is a bit like walking through a carnival hall of mirrors, when the elements of our ordinary lives are magnified and exaggerated, but are still recognizable. Ad is one of marketing mix tools, which is widely used to stimulate demand and create an image of product and an image of those of those who possess this product. But the purpose of this research paper is to look at ad as a communication process and to show how image of human can be created trough this communication.

Adjustment letter
From your account of the problem, I am quite sure that your request for the $240 adjustment on the damage to the 2 crates of Valjean Cristal stemware will be granted. A certain amount of breakage of this sort does unavoidably occur in cross-country shipping; I am sorry that it was your company that had to be the one to suffer the delay. I must remind you to keep the damaged crates in the same condition in which you received them until one of our representatives can inspect them. That inspection should take place within 2 weeks. If all is in order, as it sounds to be in your letter, you can expect the full reimbursement within 2 weeks after our representative's inspection. I hope this unfortunate accident will keep you from having merchandise shipped by Green Tree Freight in the future.

Agoraphobia is quite often disorder. About 1 of 160 people suffers from it. The ancient term agoraphobia is translated from Greek as fear of an open marketplace. Agoraphobia today describes severe and pervasive anxiety about being in situations from which escape might be difficult or avoidance of situations such as being alone outside of the home, traveling in a car, bus, or airplane, or being in a crowded area.

Alcoholism, chronic and usually progressive illness,. Alcoholism is thought to arise from a combination of a wide range of physiological, psychological, social, and genetic factors. It is characterized by an emotional and often physical dependence on alcohol, and it frequently leads to brain damage or early death.

Admited to the Union as the 33rd state on Feb. 14, 1859, Oregon comprises an area of startling physical diversity, from the moist rain forests, mountains, and fertile valleys of its western third to the naturally arid and climatically harsh eastern deserts. Mountains, plateus, plains, and valleys of different geologic ages and materials are arrayed in countless combinations, including such natural wonders as the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Caves National Monument, Crater Lake National Park, the majestic snow-covered peaks of the Cascade Range, and the “moon country” of central Oregon. The name Oregon is thought to be Indian in orgin.

American Interjection
1. The New York scene reveals many traces of … unrest. Insecurity reigs. Almost everyone hates his job. Psychiatrists of all schools are as common as monks in the Thebaid. “Who is your analyst?” will disarm any interviewer; books on how to be happy, how to attain peace of mind, how to win friends and influence people, how to breath, how to achiece a cheap sentimental humanism at other people’s expense, how to become a Chinaman like Lin Yutang and make a lot of money, how to be a Baba’i or breed chickens all sell in millions.
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